“The key to exceptional leadership is leading from the core.”

Our Leadership Development services help leaders lead from their core values and strengths towards the goals of truly exceptional people management and organizational leadership.

Leaders need to lead from their core.  All exceptional leaders know their strengths, their personal styles, and how their behaviors impact others.  They examine the ”story” or beliefs they hold about themselves and others, and recognize where they most need to improve.  Increasing leaders’ awareness in all of these areas is the first step in their development. 

Bouffard Associates provides highly personalized assessment, training and executive coaching services that help leaders grow in their self-knowledge, create and execute professional development plans, and enhance their behaviors and competencies towards the goal of exceptional people management and organizational leadership.

Our Leadership Development Services include:

  • assessing leaders’ styles, preferences, strengths and challenges
  • coaching leaders to assess their beliefs about themselves and others
  • identifying core competencies for all levels of management
  • assessing and training in desired competencies and behaviors
  • team-building and goal alignment for leadership or management teams
  • interpersonal and group communication training and coaching
  • skill-building in participatory decision-making, meeting planning and facilitation, performance feedback, managing conflict and team-building
  • executive coaching services

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