“Intention, aspiration, and relentless commitment are the essential building blocks of all exceptional workplaces.”

Our Exceptional Workplace services will help you create a high performance organization that attracts, fully engages and retains the very best talent.

All exceptional workplaces begin with intention; none has come about by accident. To
create an exceptional workplace, leaders must set their sites far beyond a satisfactory or
good workplace. When intention and aspiration are combined with relentless commitment, the journey toward building an exceptional workplace can begin.

Some people believe that a good workplace is good enough. At Bouffard Associates, we believe as business writer Jim Collins says, that good is the enemy of great. We challenge our clients to take stock in what it would cost them to remain a satisfactory or good workplace. When looking at employee attraction, engagement and retention, quality, customer service and loyalty, team cooperation, innovation and productivity… the numbers speak for themselves. Exceptional workplaces excel on the bottom-line.

Bouffard Associates works with organizations that are ripe for change and ready to commit to building truly exceptional workplaces. We partner with you through all stages of the journey: developing a clear and aspirational vision for your exceptional workplace of the future, identifying key performance metrics to measure progress, and developing a systematic and cohesive approach for implementing sustainable change. We work closely with the CEO and senior leaders to identify natural organizational strengths, create core values that will guide how people are treated throughout the workplace, tackle high leverage strategies for improvement, and create an aligned system of policies, programs and management behaviors throughout the workplace.

Our Exceptional Workplace Services include:

  • assessing employee preferences, levels of engagement and satisfaction
  • developing an exceptional workplace vision and strategies for getting there
  • identifying key metrics for measuring bottom-line effects of improvements
  • creating core values and bringing them to life throughout the workplace
  • aligning systems and policies with the new workplace vision and values
  • providing training at all levels in exceptional people management and values
  • building incentives and performance management programs
  • strategically redesigning recruitment, retention and other HR programs
  • developing employee work/life programs and strategy development
  • addressing urgent problems with team performance
  • designing new employee orientation programs

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