Bouffard Associates offers assistance in retreat planning and facilitation, conducts training workshops, and makes keynote presentations focused on exceptional leadership development and creating exceptional workplaces.  We can play a role in your special event – provide the keynote for your conference, facilitate your next staff day or management team retreat, or lead powerful skill-building workshops on a range of topics to enhance workplace and team performance.

Retreat Planning and Facilitation
All-staff, team and leadership retreats offer a unique opportunity for groups to step away from the urgent and important business at hand, and reflect on matters of great importance that, while non-urgent, are at the core of team performance.  At all levels of your organization, individuals and groups will benefit from the increased reflection and relationship building afforded by retreats.

Bouffard Associates can help you plan and facilitate highly meaningful, rejuvenating and productive retreats that promote:

  • team-building and a renewed sense of shared purpose
  • re-connecting with your vision and core values
  • developing aligned goals, strategies and objectives for the future
  • increased trust and appreciation for diverse talents and perspectives
  • enhanced commitment and cooperation
  • relationship building and information sharing

Workshops and Presentations
Bouffard Associates offers a range of customized skill-building workshops, seminars and presentations for leaders and managers at all levels.

Our Workshop, Seminar and Presentation Topics include:

  • Core competencies of exceptional people management
  • Strategies for retaining and engaging the best employees
  • Best practices and key elements of an exceptional workplace
  • The exceptional workplace journey: how to transform your organization
  • Highly effective interpersonal and group communication
  • Fostering ownership through participatory decision-making
  • Exceptional meetings: planning and facilitation skill-building
  • Building highly effective nonprofit organizations
  • Capturing organizational history and strengths through story-telling
  • Coaching individuals and teams to success
  • Aligning policies and behaviors with core values
  • Values and competency training for all management levels
  • Strategic hiring: how to attract the best talent and have them succeed
  • Essentials of performance management


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