At Bouffard Associates, we have a unique way of partnering with our clients to ensure systemic and sustainable change.

We Promote Sustainable Change
To transform organizations in a sustainable way, change must be systemic and be aligned with leaders’ and the organization’s core values.  Change starts with an accurate assessment of where the organization is today.  It must be rooted in knowledge of the organization’s essence:  its core purpose and mission, as well as a deep appreciation for its natural strengths and higher capacity.  Change requires a clear vision of the organization’s aspirations – its future greatness.  And the path to this future must by guided by core values – these are the guardrails for the journey that ensure the organization stays the course. 

We Help Leaders Lead from The Core
Bouffard Associates helps leaders and managers at all levels develop the skills and tools needed to lead others towards a greater future.  Bouffard Associates coaches leaders to envision the future they desire and to ‘lead from the core’ – by understanding their personal strengths and by re-orienting the organization towards its natural strengths.

Our Approach: Partnership, Not Dependence

  • We are committed to building individual and organizational capabilities
  • We utilize a highly individualized approach to meeting clients’ unique needs
  • We work collaboratively with the client to co-design the most appropriate interventions
  • We embrace a wellness model and focus on strengths as a key to achieving greatness
  • We are systemic in our approach and engage all stakeholders in the change process
  • We believe that systems exist to serve people, not the other way around, and that systems must align with personal and organizational values
  • We are results-oriented; we offer specific, focused recommendations for action
  • We believe that people are central to the success of all organizations, and we refuse to see people management as ‘soft skills’
  • We enjoy lasting relationships with our clients and witnessing their continued success and growth over time
  • We believe that greatness is possible

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